Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Newest Member on the Cheer Team!!!

Brittney Crockett is a new sophmore at my school that has muscle distraphy she was just recently given one year to live and her life time dream was to be a cheerleader! Her mom Heidi went to davis school district and asked if they could make her a cheerleader. They turned her down, saying maybe next year! Heidi didn't fight with them she just nicely thanked them and walked out. I heard this story and with me being on the cheer team I figured it was me who had to make this dream come true for her!! I went to my head captain Elleny Swanson and together we went and talked to my cheer coach! She said yes but she told us we had to go talk to a bigger authority. They of coarse said yes and that they would help her with getting a uniform and all the clothes and everything else. Since brittney has been on the team our team has been more united, the fans at every game yell the brittney cheer, "we love brittney!" and with it being only the 2nd year of the school being open it has made memory that no one will ever forget!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

School School and More School!

So its the second week of High School, and I am already counting down till summer!! It is a lot of hard work and stress! Just last night I stayed up till 12 doing my homework and I was DEAD today!  So lucky for me its a late start tomorrow! YAY!!! But besides school I got to see my nephew chance today and he is the cutest kid in the world! He loves to tell stories and is just always so happy! He is my favorite!!!